Thursday, January 17, 2008

Letter to Cousin

Dear Tony Sanelli

I am currently enrolled in a writing for PR class. Public Relations, in case you didn't know, is a popular major for students who like to be involved in a company's reputation. In the business world they deal with writing speeches, handling press, getting a certain product out on the market, or even helping a company maintain its integrity in the public eye. Public Relations involves alot of Networking, which personally I enjoy. I know you are getting ready for college and I would like to express to you how I feel, your going to enjoy going into PR. The key is to make up your mind early and get on the bandwagon of Public Relation fun!
I hope this all made good sense, and it answered all your questions in a brief but yet detailed way.
Take care cousin and I will see you soon!

Mark Sanelli


Jessica Collett said...
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Jessica Collett said...

One suggestion is public relations should not be capitalized. Also, maybe you should start out by using the entire word "public relations" and then use PR after that, instead of the other way around.
Your letter is good! I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Very percise you explained it perfectly well done

Joe said...

Very percise you explained it perfectly well done