Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PRACTICE PR RELEASE "New Problem solving Real Estate Firm"

Release date: For Immediate Release
Date: Tues. Jan 23rd
Headline: New Problem solving Real Estate

Contact information:

Bret Cob, president of ABC Real Estate, LLC.
123 Creative Way, Logan UT 84341

"New Real Estate solution announced to start out in Utah"

Bret Cob, president of ABC Real Estate LLC. announced today that ABC Real Estate will be looking for investors of all classes. These investors would benefit directly a real estate program handed down by Cobs appreticesor, a accomplished Real Estate Millionaire based in California.

The company buys and sells homes using a creative way to process them.
"There are four involved in this system, the investor, the resident beneficiary, the settler beneficiary and the credit beneficiary." Cobs said. All four play different roles in a system that leaves all benefiting with no bank involvement. "We not only guarantee the payments to the trust by the resident beneficiary will be made, leaving you with added insurance. Something banks cant offer, making this system more practical." Cobs added.

With the real estate market crises , this new system will help get the market more on stable ground. Wall-street has reviewed this company and there policy, and have asked them to take to a national level. Cob would like to use it in Utah as its test market before it goes national.
In this system, it would allow the investors to make 10-40 percent of their initial investment.
Bret Cobs system comes with not only a personal protection plan given in the proper paperwork, including a insurance company backing his company. Insuring that all involved are protected.

"This program has been tested time and time again, and we feel it is time to release it to the public. Not only will it help the investor, but it will help those who normally couldn't afford a house due to bad credit. Giving everybody and equal opportunity in Real Estate, rather than just a few select people."Cobs said.

Bret Cobs company ABC Real Estate LLC. is based in Draper, UT and began back in August of 2007. Its a proven system that will bring more stability to the real estate here in Utah.

Media contact:
Mark Sanelli , public relations director.
ABC Real Estate
123 Creative Way, Logan, UT 84341

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