Friday, February 08, 2008


Mr. Hans Ketup,
VP of Communications, Burger Planet
12345 West 33, Burgerlane Ave.
NY, NY 23120

Burger Planet has joined forces with the fitness guru Jane Peterson to create a menu strictly for those looking to cut back a few pounds. Peterson as you know has helped stars like Opal Whitcomb lose up to 75pounds. This new menu is targeted for the age group 20-40s, as well as providing a taste for everybody.
The company believes in encouraging customers to live healthier, active lifestyles and I have spent my life trying to teach women that lesson."Jane Peterson adds.Burger Planet as you know has been proudly serving burgers since James E. Muellenbach I, founded Burger Planet in a tiny shed in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew it into a corporation with 8,921 franchises worldwide and 52 billion customers served and counting still. It has also been a family favorite, giving families a break from cooking.Mr. James E. Muellenbach III, CEO of Burger Planet said " We have, unlike our competetitors, constantly been approving the health quality of our food. Making it affordable, while at the same time making it a classy place to come and enjoy a good meal. Adding this new menu is simply just helping cater to customers who may at times want a salad or low carb chicken meal. Its for all tastebuds and age groups. I am excited to release this to the public."
Burger Planet has been a leader in the Quick Service Restaurant industry in offering healthy menu choices.
In the past year, Burger Planet has added white meat chicken breasts to our menu. We offer consumers the option to buy the chicken breast wrapped in lettuce in case they are on a low-carb diet. They also can ask us to hold the mayo for a calorie reduction of 500 calories. None of our other competitors offers a similar entree.
Another addition to the are the packets of apple slices. Consumers can purchase packets of five different types of fruit: apples, grapes, peaches, pineapple, or bananas. None of our other competitors offers fruit. And, finally, we added a new line of gourmet salads
"Well, Burger Planet cares about its customers. For more than seven decades, the company has succeeded because it put customers first. We listen to our customers.” Muellenbach III

Media Contact :
Mark Sanelli
12345 BurgerPlanet St.
Logan, UT 84333 435-555-5555

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