Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For Immediate Release:

Enjoy helping secure your future, with things you love and might not have knowledge of!

February, 12th 2008

LOGAN, UT- With the economy in turmoil, and most of America in a consumer spending frenzie, how can we learn to spend wisely? While at the same time learning how to gain future financial security?

Parker had been looking for a system all throughout his years in college, but known had been created.
So, as of August of last year, Preston has created a group that meets once ever other week.
This group is a group of investors and curious individuals who want to put there finances in order!

These meetings are held in the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce. Which start at 7pm, held every other week on Thursdays. Address of 160 N. Main in Logan Utah.

For more info you can visit there web-site at www.cvaia.com or contact Preston Parker at


Media Contact:

Mark Sanelli
PR Specialist


Jessica Collett said...

-You may want to start your press release out so the reader will know what it is about and have a reason to look at it, as well as putting important info at the beginning.
-In the second paragraph, you wrote "Parker" and then "Preston" and have never said the two together so it sounds like two different people. You could introduce him as "Preston Parker" and then just use his last name after that to simplify it.

Jackson said...

Mark -

I was going to say the same thing about "Preston Parker," then just referring to him as Parker.

Also, I could be wrong, but I believe "frenzy" is spelled with a "y" and not an "ie." Maybe just double check that.

Other than that, this one was great. It was actually fun to read and still accomplished its purpose.